“Tonight while I was putting my son to sleep, he asked if Ryan could come over to our house and bake with him three times a week instead of one.  Simply put, we love Ryan! My kids absolutely love baking with him. Ryan has not only taught them about baking, but also about having an appreciation for ingredients and recipes while having fun throughout the process.  Ryan brings such creativity, fun, warmth and love to every baking session and my kids can’t wait for him to return weekly to bake some more. “

Parents of Jesse, Age 6

“Our kids ask us constantly, “When are we going to have another bakingsitter night?!”  We have had the privilege of Ryan watching our children for the past 4-5 years. When he told us he was starting this business, we were thrilled as we knew our kids would jump at the idea to bake with him.  Ryan helped both of our children become more interested in learning more about baking. We can’t wait until the next time he is able to bakingsit again!"

Jonathan and Johna, Parents of Oliver and Malcom

“Ryan is a kind and fun baking sitter who helps you through the difficult parts of baking by showing you what needs to be done"

Oliver, Age 12

“Ryan is funny.  I like putting everything together with him before we start.  Ryan teaches us what happens with the ingredients when they are mixed together.  Also, he does a great job baking with us and babysitting us!”

Malcom, Age 8